If you rely on outdated project management programs, spreadsheets, whiteboards, or pen and paper to schedule employees, you’re making fatigue management a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

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  • Top 4 warning signs your fatigue management program could use an upgrade
  • Solutions to the most common scheduling battles everyone fights
  • How to stay on top of qualification requirements when scheduling

Automated Employee Scheduling

By matching labor to actual demand around the clock, Indeavor provides a comprehensive scheduling solution that suits your unique needs. 


A standardized leave and OT approval process provides visibility, mobile capabilities, and real-time information for those who need it most. Never schedule unnecessary overtime hours again and ensure that needed OT hours are distributed fairly.

Remain Compliant Consistently

Prevent facility and union scheduling grievances by automating your complex union, local, state, federal and fatigue rules. Digitize employee requests to create a centralized system of record that allows you to conduct audits at any point.