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Set leave expectations early and move away from scattered processes with Indeavor’s Annual Vacation Planning module.

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Save Time with Annual Vacation Planning

Are you operating under the assumption that vacation tracking and management simply can’t be automated? Effortlessly receive requests and streamline annual vacation plans enterprise-wide with visibility and centralization.

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Ensure Compliance and Visibility with Shift Schedule Audit Logs

Are you struggling to maintain vacation rules and allowances? Get a centralized system that shows time off approvals and denials, ensuring your vacation selection rules were followed.

Centralized Shift Scheduling Hub

Are you forgetting when certain employees are OOO or failing to remember if you approved a vacation request? Do away with paper, spreadsheets, and email messages that provide little to no transparency to the rest of the team.
Vacation Planning With Indeavor's Software

Frequently Asked Questions

The Annual Vacation Planning module by Indeavor is a tool designed to help organizations streamline and automate the process of managing employee vacations and time-off requests.

Annual Vacation Planning automates the vacation tracking and planning process. Employees can select their preferred vacation weeks, and scheduling algorithms create rosters based on predefined rules. This eliminates the manual effort of processing individual requests, saving days or even weeks of administrative work.

Annual Vacation Planning offers two options:
Active Pick – Employees select vacation weeks based on seniority one at a time.
Open Enrollment – All employees choose at the same time, and requests are automatically approved or denied based on preset rules.

Annual Vacation Planning allows organizations to allocate employees’ time off for the most optimal weeks based on various complex rules, including those related to unions, facilities, and regulatory requirements.

Yes, you can book a live product demonstration with Indeavor to see how automated labor scheduling can improve workforce management for your business.

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