Absence Management

Managing leave, a component of Indeavor Operate, is just as critical to day-to-day operations as creating the schedule itself.

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Mobile Capabilities

Are you accustomed to spending hours readjusting the shift schedule that already took you hours (or days) to create? Indeavor makes managing leave and vacation requests simple, ensuring schedulers are always aware of who is OOO.

Engage Schedule

Centralized Employee Information

Are you replacing absent employees with “just about anyone” to get the job done, regardless of qualifications or hours worked? Fill both unexpected and planned scheduling gaps efficiently and accurately, even while on the go.

Properly Enforced Quota Rules

Are you struggling to maintain rules and keep track of employee leave? Requesting time off is in the hands of the employee, leaving more time for HR and Operations to ensure that leave balances and vacation rules are maintained.
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Automated Labor Management Software

Automated Labor Management

Are you operating under the assumption that scheduling and leave management simply can’t be automated? By eliminating paper process and spreadsheets, you can create the most optimal schedule in minutes.

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