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Labor Management Challenges in the Government Agency Industry

The Government Accountability Office has reported skills gaps in key areas like cybersecurity, acquisitions, and STEM; the “retirement wave” is only compounding the problem. Recruiting new talent is faced with a myriad of obstacles, including budget restraints, competition from the private sector, and resistance to change outdated processes that alienate the younger workforce. Employee retention is also suffering, with attrition rates growing each year.

Agencies are dealing with the consequences of being unable to properly staff each department. Excessive reliance on overtime has led to cost overruns and overworked staff while assigning unqualified employees to fill posts has led to fines and poorly completed jobs.

To combat these challenges, an employee time management software can be utilized to automate scheduling, reducing confusion and chaos in the process.

Get access to critical labor analytics while saving time and promoting employee engagement with our premier Workforce ETM, Indeavor Schedule.

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Average overtime dollars overrun annually

Often wasting millions of dollars every year on data entry errors that can be solved via automation

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of the scheduling process can be automated, thus eliminating data entry errors

Government Agency Automated Shift Scheduling Case Study

With 8,000+ employees, 15 different union groups, and hundreds of scheduling, leave management, and time attendance policies and paper practices at their 30+ locations, this government agency was faced with a very difficult challenge: how to implement a standard workforce management software agency-wide. Each agency department’s paper and/or excel focused scheduling and leave management processes allowed enormous flexibility within each scheduling unit, however it lacked some core organizational principles that are key in engaging and empowering employees and managers and providing standardization and visibility to the agency leaders as a whole.

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