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Labor Management Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers use overtime to complete work orders, keep up with production deadlines, and increase employee satisfaction. Many facilities, however, are distributing unnecessary overtime because they cannot keep track of staff requests and hours worked. Those that rely on paper consider about 27% of their overtime costs to be unbudgeted.

There is also a worker shortage that perpetuates the reliance on overtime. You have to be resilient and adapt quickly to disruptive market conditions, yet the number of retirees is increasing while the number of qualified applicants to replace them stagnates. 

Manufacturers suffer from an inaccurate perception of what the industry has to offer and high-priority benefits like remote work is impossible, making it difficult to attract talent.

Indeavor’s automatic shift scheduler and labor analytics solution provides critical insights for ultimate workforce optimization in manufacturing.

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is the amount saved per 100 employees by going paperless with web-based alternatives.

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percent of overtime costs are considered to be unbudgeted by organizations that are behind on automation tools.

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is the average penalty per person for payment mistakes, including OT miscalculations and error corrections.

Benefits of Automated Shift Scheduling in the Manufacturing Industry

For an industry facing detrimental worker shortages, Indeavor helps to optimize labor and overtime management.

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Drive overtime costs down by 15 - 25%

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Optimize employee scheduling and overtime management by matching shifts to what you need

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Leverage your team’s skillset and eliminate safety violations with qualification matching

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Adhere to overtime distribution and other scheduling stipulations in union contracts

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Eliminate excess labor costs from violation fines, over or under staffing, and distributing unnecessary overtime

Manufacturing Workforce Challenges

Supervisors get bogged down reviewing paper forms requesting overtime and leave. Forms that are illegible, easily misplaced, and time-consuming to keep track of cause errors and miscommunication.

Employees want to be a part of their scheduling process. A survey administered by FlexJobs found that 30% of respondents left a job because it did not offer flexible work options.

How Indeavor Helps

Take work off of management’s plate by putting real-time scheduling capabilities (volunteering for open jobs and OT, swapping assignments, requesting time off) into the hands of your employees.

Give your workers more control over when and how much they work, without disrupting workflows.

Provide unparalleled visibility by letting employees view schedules from their mobile devices, mitigating the risk of a missed shift.

Manufacturing Workforce Challenges

When there are last-minute or previously unknown gaps in the schedule, supervisors are stuck relying on manual processes, like calling and leaving voicemails, to find another employee.

In the rush to find a replacement, supervisors may forget to consider skills (resulting in an unqualified employee doing the job) or hours worked (resulting in OT). Both fail to optimize labor, as unqualified employees can create bottlenecks during production and unbudgeted OT is costly.


How Indeavor Helps

Increase employee morale by allowing them to volunteer for OT, vacant jobs, or last-minute replacements on their terms.

Provide your staff with multiple ways to swap shifts on their phones: direct trades, offers to a swap board, and dropping of assignments.

Simplify supervisor approvals for employee-indicated changes to the schedule. Compliance measures, employee qualifications, leave balance and request limits, and other configurable rules are taken into account through the workflows.

Manufacturing Workforce Challenges

Building and managing shift schedules in Excel or with pen and paper is time-consuming and error-prone.

Communicating shift schedules and schedule changes is cumbersome when relying on multiple tools that aren’t originally designed for this purpose.

It’s hard to control labor costs due to a lack of enforcement and visibility when not utilizing a demand-based employee scheduling tool.

How Indeavor Helps

Leverage demand planning capabilities and automated straight time and overtime schedule generation.

Keep pertinent manufacturing employee scheduling information transparent and easy to find with our cloud-based software.

Assign only qualified workers to each position and fill sudden scheduling gaps based on skills certification and availability.

Make better in-the-moment decisions via a customizable interface that shows your organization’s most critical information.


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