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Engage your workforce through a People-Centric mobile offering, promoting visibility, transparency and flexibility.

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Promote Work-Life Balance with Easy Schedule Access and Visibility

Are you getting bogged down in paper forms requesting overtime and leave? Eliminate the need for forms that are illegible, easily misplaced, and time-consuming to keep track of.
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Simplify the Leave Request Process

Are you struggling to get your employees to follow a standardized system for putting in requests? Increase employee satisfaction and simplify processes with an easy-to-use mobile app that makes submitting (and managing) requests straightforward.

Robust Volunteering Capabilities

Are you spending more time finding last-minute, qualified replacements over other business-driving tasks? Let your employees help fill the gap, saving you time while increasing employee engagement.
Scheduling Work on Your Tablet and Phone

Enhanced Flexibility for Employees to Swap Shifts

Are you empowering your employees? When you let your employees have more control over their schedules, you attract new talent and decrease turnover.

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