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Access to schedules, real-time, anywhere. Your tool to drive employee ownership, visibility and experience.

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Enable schedule visibility and employee ownership with Indeavor Engage Mobile.

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Engage Mobile Suite

Purpose-Built for the Front-Line Worker

Indeavor Engage drives efficiencies in previously paper-driven and manual tasks.

Employee Preference Management

We know every employee has different work preferences. Some prefer day shifts and some prefer jobs that keep them up and moving.

View Employee Assignment
Swap Summary

Enhanced Shift Swapping

With Indeavor, you’re able to facilitate and track swaps – easily. Employee empowered shift swapping leads to fewer no-call-no-shows and improves absenteeism.

Robust Overtime Volunteering Capabilities

Increase the number of volunteers for OT by making the process easier.

Overtime Volunteering
Demand Planning

Advantages of Choosing Indeavor

Indeavor is the leading 24-hour shift work optimization platform. It offers the full breadth of solutions required to fully optimize your 24-hour shift workforce.

Benefits of a Flexible Workplace


Increased employee morale by providing individuals work-life balance.

Employee Absenteeism Min

Decrease absenteeism through real-time workflow enablement.

Employee Engagement Retention

Increase employee retention and engagement with schedule autonomy.


Give everyone a voice by having preferences automatically recognized at the point of scheduling.


Increase productivity through overtime volunteering with a focus on incentives.

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