Fatigue Management & Advanced Compliance

Manage your people and fatigue rules in a single, purpose-built platform

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Manage Employee Fatigue at the Point of Scheduling

Are you spending hours each week ensuring your schedule adheres to NRC or RP755 mandated fatigue management rules? Allow your Nuclear, Oil & Gas or Chemical facilities to operate efficiently and confidently.

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Quick and Painless Reporting

Are you feeling underserved by legacy software or vendors lacking expertise? Through our modern look and feel, industry-focused workflows, and enhanced configurability, Indeavor’s Fatigue Management program and team of experts can support the complex needs of NRC and RP755 fatigue rules – including outlier cases.

One tool for Nuclear, Oil & Gas or Chemical Manufacturing Scheduling Needs

Are you operating under the assumption that your facility’s fatigue management simply can’t be automated? Leverage demand planning functionalities and automated straight time/overtime shift schedule generation alongside the Indeavor Fatigue Management module.

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Promote Safety

Promote worker and plant safety with fatigue management at the point of scheduling.

Save Time

Save time calculating and keeping track of fatigue rules while reducing the risk of errors.

Streamline annual reporting requirements

Streamline the annual reporting requirements with the NRC.

Save Money

Eliminate excess labor costs that arise from violation fines and unnecessary overtime.

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