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Ensure your people and what you produce, support or protect are always in alignment. Plan, schedule, manage and engage with the leading People Operations Platform for industrial environments.

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Schedule Automation and Absence Management

Are you accustomed to sitting in hours-long meetings about the weekly or daily shift schedule? Create a schedule in minutes that is accurate, consistent, eliminates user error, and follows operational rules.

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Labor Demand Planning

Integrate critical planning data to match labor to your demand needs. Relieve your organization of siloed data and the mental fatigue of demand changes. Automate the end-to-end process and ensure labor needs are optimally met.

Qualification Management and Skills Matching

Are you scrambling to find qualified replacements when a gap inevitably occurs? Ensure you always have the right qualified employee in each position, whether it’s during shift schedule creation or when filling last-minute vacancies.

Consistent Compliance

Are you operating under the assumption that your scheduling process simply can’t be automated? By ditching paper and spreadsheet templates, your shift scheduling requirements—and the countless rules that are associated with them—will be a headache of the past.

Absence Management

Are you accustomed to spending hours readjusting the shift schedule that already took you hours (or days) to create? Indeavor Operate makes managing leave and vacation requests simple, ensuring schedulers are always aware of who is OOO.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Indeavor integrates with your current HCM and ERP systems to make your unique labor data easy to interpret and act upon. There is no need to overhaul your existing systems and processes in order to capture detailed people analytics.

Leverage a robust platform that highlights real-time employee data that is pertinent to your business.

Make informed scheduling decisions with centralized visibility into employee qualifications, union and fatigue compliance rules, and each worker’s straight time and overtime hours.

Sync real-time schedules directly with your time and attendance (T&A) or payroll system to ensure the right people get paid the right amount.

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