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Manage employee skills and competencies while driving operations through our skills-based scheduling. Indeavor is the single platform for skill management, scheduling, employee engagement, and labor optimization.

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Employee Skill and Competency Management

Are you struggling with incorporating scattered systems of record for employee skills and competencies into your operations? Get a standardized, digital system which lets you leverage your skill management data in your workforce planning.

Employee Skills
Skills Integration

Skills Integration API

Are you already focusing on skills with a Human Resources, Learning Management, or standalone Skill Management System? Leverage your data operationally with an Employee Skill Integration.

Skill Requirements for Jobs

Are you considering what the skill requirements are for a successful shift? Non-operational skill management systems may give you tools to track employee skills. Indeavor takes this further by adding skill requirements for jobs, and demanding these jobs as operational needs.

Skills Requirement
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Average U.S. manufacturer loss per year for a 500 person site from technical skills gaps

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Workers said they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous learning and development

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Of manufacturers are struggling to fill crucial labor gaps

Opportunities of an Operational Skills Management System

Data Visibility

Digitalize critical skill and competency management data.

Human Resources

Easily integrate with Learning Management, Talent Management, and Human Resource Information systems.

Labor Analytics

Extend our best-in-class people operations functionality by tying competencies to schedule optimization.

Server Analytics

Provide competency-based analytics based on real-time data.


Reduce the skills gap by enabling real action due to the integration of skills with operational data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Operational Skills & Competencies Management by Indeavor is a comprehensive platform that allows organizations to incorporate employee skills and competencies into scheduling, employee engagement and labor optimization.

Indeavor provides a standardized, digital system to streamline skills management across facilities, departments, locations, and employees. This centralizes skill data for more effective workforce planning.

Indeavor goes beyond non-operational skill management systems by adding skill requirements for jobs and aligning these with operational needs. It centralizes institutional knowledge, making it easier to schedule employees according to the skill requirements of vacancies.

Organizations can easily integrate Indeavor’s platform with Learning Management, Talent Management, and Human Resource Information systems, ensuring a seamless flow of skills data across different systems.

Organizations can schedule a demonstration with Indeavor’s team of experts to experience Indeavor’s workforce management solutions firsthand.

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