Glossary of Terms

  • A&D: Analyze & Design Process after the discovery portion of a client engagement where we begin making meaning of the information from discovery into implementation
  • Algo: Algorithm The algorithm is a coded formula to design the logic behind Indeavor’s schedule generation, which is built to meet the customer’s specific requirements 
  • API: Application Programming Interface Integration between technology
  • APN: Apple Push Notifications Apple/ios device unique ID/key for mobile app notifications 
  • APO: Advanced Planning & Optimizer Demand management system leveraged by customers
  • AVP: Annual Vacation Planning Refers to the module within Indeavor that plans advanced time off via annual vacation planning to further avoid overtime and a stressed workforce
  • BRD: Business Requirement Documents Includes the documentation required for strategic planning of Indeavor’s solutions, including the ability to capture the requirements in detail as the basis for subsequent decisions regarding project priorities, design, structure, solution and plan to ensure the project remains aligned with the overall goals of the business needs.
  • Call Off: Refers to (usually) last-minute call-offs and vacancies that must be filled quickly and in real-time via schedulers or Indeavor’s intuitive system
  • CIE: Come In Early Refers to employees coming in before the shift starts which is tracked within Indeavor’s people operations platform. This term varies among organizations and can also be referred to as “IE” for in early
  • CSM: Customer Success Manager The CSM is a dedicated contact assigned to each client whom ensures Indeavor is meeting the expectations and needs of each customer
  • Daily Overtime Customer’s process for handling unplanned OT on a day-to-day basis
  • ECI: Early Come In Similar to CEI, ECI refers to when an employee comes in early and is tracked within Indeavor’s people operations platform. This term varies among organizations and defining this term is important during the discovery and onboarding process in order to make sure communications are aligned with current policies and procedures.
  • EE: Employee EE is a common abbreviation for employee, referenced in workflows, communications, and algorithms.
  • Engage Engage is referred to Indeavor’s mobile schedule application, Indeavor Engage, which can be downloaded in your mobile device’s app store
  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning A solution designed to manage day-to-day business processes for optimal performance, including accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and more…
  • ESA: Enterprise Solution Analyst The individual responsible for building and implementing your solution at Indeavor
  • ESS: Employee Self Service The area within Indeavor designed for employees to gain visibility into their schedule and communicate with schedulers
  • GCM: Google Cloud Messaging A unique ID/Key on android device for notifications
  • GL: General Labor or General Ledger GL commonly stands for General Labor in discovery conversations around people operations but can also stand for General Ledger is some cases
  • HCM: Human Capital Management Refers to a technology solution that tracks and manages the process of hiring the right people, managing workforces and optimizing productivity, may also be referred to as an HRIS (Human Resource Information System)
  • HRIS: Human Resources Information System A human resources management system or Human Resources Information System or Human Capital Management is a form of Human Resources software that combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of human resources, business processes and data.
  • HO: Hold Over Refers to when an employee stays on the clock for a period of time after the shift ends
  • IE: Indeavor Explore This is a survey leveraged by Indeavor to gauge client interest/applicability with new features and functionality
  • IE: In Early Short of when an employee comes in before the shift begins, also referred to as CIE for “come in early”
  • ITD: Implementation Test Domain This refers to the sandbox-style domain where Indeavor makes a temporary copy of a single domain from production
  • Jira Ticket management system leveraged to compile and track tickets at Indeavor
  • KBA: Knowledge Base Articles Useful information that serves as a reference for Indeavor-related topics
  • Last Minute OT Process for handling call off’s or vacancies found out about right before the beginning of a shift
  • LMS: Learning Management System An LMS or learning management system is an application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, materials, or learning and development programs. 
  • OT: Overtime The exact definition of overtime can vary between organizations but typically includes the time worked after an employee’s regularly scheduled hours have ended and they continue to work
  • People Operations The planning, scheduling, management, and engagement of your workforce, overlapping daily operations and human resources
  • People Operations Platform Industry-focused planning, scheduling, and engagement technology to improve your workforce’s everyday lives, which in turn improves not only your operation but company efficiency, P&L, employee morale, and most importantly, your mission
  • POC: Point of Contact The main individual responsible for a particular project that receives all communications
  • PM: Project Manager The PM (or Project Manager) is your point of contact and support representative building your solution, supported by a team of analysts and coordinators in addition to your Customer Success Manager
  • PRD: Project Required Documents Documentation required to ensure the project leveraging Indeavor remains aligned with the overall goals of the business needs, also commonly referred to as Business Required Documents (BRDs)
  • QA: Quality Assurance The method behind testing and confirming the accuracy and efficiency of Indeavor’s workflows to promote customer satisfaction
  • SA: Special Assignment Defined as a role, task, or project that employees are assigned to on occasion
  • SaaS: Software as a Service SaaS refers to the product delivery method of Indeavor’s people operations platform which includes web-based technology in addition to dedicated representatives and custom developers
  • SAML: Security Assertion Markup Language Type of SSO authentication that we use at Indeavor to promote security and protect client information
  • Sandbox: Refers to a customer’s test environment to understand Indeavor’s functionality which is usually a close copy of the actual production environment
  • SLA: Service Level Agreement Particular aspects of service, including quality, availability, responsibilities, etc., that are described and agreed upon in a formal document
  • SMB: Scheduling Method Builder Indeavor’s definition of an SMB refers to a module in Indeavor that is used to create the algorithm and logic behind the people operations platform
  • SOP: Standard Operating Procedures This is a list of instructions and guidelines given to each client in order to understand how to run Indeavor
  • SME: Subject Matter Expert Refers to an employee, consultant, or representative with in-depth knowledge of a particular subject required for a job
  • SOW: Statement/Scope of Work A statement/scope of work includes a description of what will be done throughout the implementation of a project, agreed upon by client
  • SPOC: Single Point of Contact This is the individual responsible for communications and routing decisions to the correct parties within an engagement, can also be referred to as a POC (Point of Contact)
  • SSO: Single Sign On Secure way for technology users to sign in and authenticate across multiple applications
  • ST: Straight Time Refers to the number of regular hours scheduled without overtime
  • T&A: Time and Attendance Technology leveraged specifically to track actual time worked, process varies across organizations
  • TS: Time Sheet Refers to the method of tracking time worked, often within a virtual solution or via paper time stamps
  • UAT: User Acceptance Testing End User testing that provides practice to the theory that was provided during training, also validates that the solution works as expected
  • VLO: Voluntary Lay-Off Refers to a staffing reduction strategy that involves requesting or allowing employees to voluntarily give up employment or benefits

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