Roster Management

  • Easily adjust schedule to match staffing needs

  • Quickly generate the schedule based on pre-assigned rules

  • Immediately show your organization’s most critical information via a customizable interface

Labor Demand / Coverage

  • Schedule employees based on industry labor requirements and standards

  • Ensure positions are never understaffed, or oversubscribed

  • Configure both repeatable and one-off staffing scenarios

Qualification / Skills Management

  • Assign only qualified workers to each position

  • Search and identify employees based on skills certification

  • Track qualifications automatically to receive renewal notifications based on expiration or date last worked

Smart Backfill™

  • Fill a schedule vacancy in minutes with Workloud’s Smart Backfill™ tool

  • Easily call, text, or email qualified employees to meet any vacancy based on pre-set compliance rules

  • Auto-log each action for traceability and auditing

Automated Schedule Generation

  • Create a schedule in minutes that is accurate, consistent, eliminates user error, and follows operational rules

  • Ensure schedule fairness by incorporating basic and complex rules such as seniority, upgrading, bumping, accommodation, etc.


  • Avoid fines and grievances

  • Adhere to compliance rules and best practices

  • Proactively prevent workplace accidents due to fatigue