The wrong workforce management process creates more work for management.

Indeavor helps complex scheduling environments ensure that they are always putting the right employee, in the right place, at the right time—in minutes, not after hours of time spent dealing with spreadsheets or other outdated, overly simple workforce management apps.

We fix problems that all dynamic labor environments have around process efficiencies and cost control so your facilities can:

  • Reduce software costs

  • Improve scheduler and IT productivity

  • Go green and lower costs associated with paper

  • Decrease litigation costs

  • Increase scheduling efficiency

  • Minimize payroll errors


Your business runs best when your employees are more productive, empowered, and engaged.


With our cloud-based workforce management solution, everyone in your organization can reach this level of potential with our automated employee scheduling and absence management system (that everyone will actually use).

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Shift employees will always know where they need to be and when—while being a part of the dynamic scheduling process themselves with capabilities like requesting leave and volunteering for overtime.

Meanwhile, our system drives you to make better in-the-moment decisions through real-time employee and labor demand data, ensuring that you are only staffed to match what you need.

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Indeavor's automated scheduling solution can supply your dynamic environment with the following advantages:



Introduce your 24x7 environment to the 21st century by doing away with paper, excel, and other outdated scheduling processes. By shifting from paper to the cloud, you have the ability to automatically generate a schedule in minutes that is accurate, consistent, and eliminates user error, all while following internal and external compliance rules.



Complex scheduling rules and compliance coverage – union, local, state, federal, fatigue – will be a headache of the past. Our automated process greatly reduces human error in scheduling, such as too many overtime hours, and ensures schedule fairness. Not only will you mitigate risk and avoid fees, but you’ll also keep your employees happy with the ease of use.



Our consultants build a tailored workforce solution that’s right for your specific business to allow you to easily find opportunities. You’ll always have the right employee, in the right place, at the right time with our integrated qualification management system (QMS) that automatically assigns employees based on a skills matrix.



Our cloud-based software means you can deploy enterprise-wide solutions at one location or hundreds. Company size should never be a deterrent to operational success, which is why Workloud’s ability to keep management and employees across all locations on the same page is critical.



Empower your employees and supervisors with mobile capabilities that give them the freedom to check schedules, request leaves, and even volunteer for shifts—from the comfort of anywhere. The Employee Self-Service module provides full transparency to your shift employees, which in turn improves process efficiencies and employee satisfaction.



See real-time labor information, schedules, and labor vs. production/demand. Rather than relying on manual data-entry, our SaaS solution keeps track of your employees for you. What’s more is that cross-departmental visibility into employee hours combats burnout by creating the most optimal shift schedule based on hours worked.



Eliminate the need for scattered systems and manual/paper-based processes by having all your scheduling and leave management information in one place. With everything in the cloud, valuable employee information – from skills to vacation time – can never be lost. Never misplace a schedule again!



We pride ourselves on having long-lasting customer relationships and will partner with you every step of the way, providing unparalleled service and support. System upgrades happen automatically; you are never expected to purchase another level of support or product update. In turn, you’ll decrease internal support and change management costs.



Your organization can only be proactive with the right labor metrics. Our robust workforce management analytics show you real-time employee data and allow you to scenario test and forecast seamlessly. You’ll never be understaffed or oversubscribed again!



There is no need for an overhaul of your internal systems, which will save you time and money. Workloud integrates with your current HCM, T&A, Payroll, and ERP platforms, so you can ensure that your internal systems are communicating succinctly.


How We Do It


System Solution Design

We design comprehensive workforce management solutions and enterprise-wide integration strategies.

  • Comprehensive solution for employee scheduling and absence management across the organization.

  • Enable real-time system communication across platforms - making sure everyone has the correct WFM data available.

  • Capture complex employee, scheduling and compliance rules.

  • Provide management real-time analytics to streamline labor deployment.


System Implementation

The Indeavor team specializes in making this design and solution a reality for our customers in accordance with a well-defined timeline the business depends on.

  • Full management of system configuration, set-up / development, and end user training. All deployed in a defined period.

  • Leverage the solution to deliver process change throughout the organization.

  • Allow data to be easily retrieved and streamlined, uncovering ROI in unexpected places.

  • We ensure the final solution is effective and tailored to your business needs.


Continuous Improvement + Support

We offer customers direct access to experts with deep knowledge of your solution and organizational needs. We ensure your system stays relevant and generates ever increasing ROI.

  • Solution Support tier offering gives customers direct access to experts with deep knowledge of your solution and organizational needs.

  • Ensure solutions / systems stay relevant and generate ever-increasing ROI by keeping end-users informed, data fresh, and optimizing solution elements along the way.

  • Standard business hours to 24x7 support - dependent on a customer’s needs.

  • Significantly lower ongoing internal support and change management costs.


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