[Press Release] Unions Harness Transparency and Trust with Indeavor

Indeavors Technology supporting Union Workers in rail, healthcare, and manufacturing

nsin – Dynamic, union-driven organizations are changing the way they manage complex employee scheduling, planning, and engagement by leveraging Indeavor’s first-to-market People Operations Platform. Through purpose-built technology, Indeavor has developed real-time transparency and automated adherence to union, local, and federal rules. 

[Press Release] Indeavor Schedule to Help CPG Manufacturers Better Handle Disruption

News Alert: Latest Labor Optimization Solution by Indeavor Helps CPG Manufacturers Keep Up With Demand 2020’s stay-at-home economy caused abrupt changes in consumer preferences. Panicked buyers hoarded supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products, while shelf-stable canned goods and snack foods reigned supreme among food purchases. Currently, online CPG food and beverage sales […]

How Automated Scheduling Can Help Organizations in Brazil Thrive

Para ler o artigo em Português, clique aqui. When Brazil increased its monthly minimum wage by a staggering 4.1%, surpassing 1,000 Brazilian reals for the first time, employers had to find ways to minimize costs elsewhere to improve their bottom line. An area of opportunity organizations may not have considered is labor scheduling. By investing […]

Como o agendamento automatizado pode ajudar as organizações no Brasil a prosperar

To read the article in English, click here. Quando o Brasil aumentou o salário mínimo mensal em impressionantes  4,1%, ultrapassando  1.000 Reais Brasileiros pela primeira vez, empregadores tiveram que encontrar outras maneiras de minimizar os custos para melhorar seu resultado final. Uma área de oportunidade que as organizações podem não ter considerado é o agendamento […]

Achieve Labor Scheduling Optimization on a Global Scale

Labor scheduling optimization software can help reduce unnecessary costs and improve productivity across your entire enterprise. Here’s how. Streamline Processes & Control Labor Costs No matter where sites are located, having one centralized labor management platform like Indeavor can help organizations increase efficiencies enterprise-wide. There are some cascading cost-saving effects, including: (Fairly) controlled staffing There […]