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Indeavor Operate

The foundation for your People Operations Platform includes Indeavor's core scheduling components, which will:

  • Automatically schedule qualified employees in accordance with your staffing standards

  • Eliminate paper request forms with an accessible, digital upgrade

  • Keep operations running smoothly—replacements will only be filled with other qualified staff members

  • Eliminate excess labor costs that arise from ineffectively filling gaps with unqualified workers, employees that have already met their hours, and other higher-cost resources


Indeavor Engage

The mobile scheduling application you’ve been searching for to engage your team. Employee access to the app is included with the Indeavor Operate package and priced based on per-user access.

  • Give your workers more control over when and how much they work—without disrupting workflows

  • Take work off of management’s plate by putting real-time scheduling capabilities into the hands of your employees

  • Eliminate excess labor costs that arise from paper processes, understaffing due to inability to fill a scheduling gap, and scheduling unqualified workers

Annual Vacation Planning (Add-On)

Indeavor’s Annual Vacation Planning package allows you to set leave expectations early on and move away from scattered processes.

Fatigue Management & Advanced Compliance (Add-On)

The must-have program for highly regulated environments including nuclear energy, chemical, oil and gas sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to contact our team and book a demo. Our experts will help identify your organization’s needs and outline an implementation strategy.

Indeavor Operate is a workforce management software designed for industrial environments. It helps organizations plan, schedule, manage, and engage with their employees effectively.

The Indeavor Engage Mobile Suite is a workforce management app that allows employees to access their schedules, manage leave, request vacation, and interact with their employers from anywhere.

Indeavor’s solutions are beneficial for various industries, including manufacturing, food processing, nuclear energy, chemical, oil, and others that require efficient and compliant workforce management.

How to Calculate ROI for Shift Schedule Optimization

At this time, we can also calculate a return on investment for your usage to present to stakeholders. The numbers that we use to make this analysis differ based on industry, number of employees, and current processes to evaluate hard and soft dollar savings.

Discovery data for an ROI calculation requires:

  • Approximate number of payroll errors

  • Processing and correction costs

  • Excessive overtime costs

  • Time wasted via manual scheduling

  • Overstaffing costs

  • System replacement costs

  • Paper elimination savings

  • Grievances savings

  • Violations costs

The amount you’ll save will surprise you.

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