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Schoox + Indeavor: Upskill Employees and Fill Scheduling Gaps With Better Training 

Upskill & Fill Scheduling Gaps

Schoox delivers a workplace learning management system (LMS) with a people-first twist.  

Schoox was designed for how humans actually learn. We keep learners curious by letting you deliver more kinds of content wherever they are, from the front line to the corporate office. Through its user-friendly, native mobile app, the Schoox LMS makes learning easy, accessible, rewarding, and fun. Businesses can efficiently onboard new hires, upskill existing staff, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning.   

This is why Indeavor is pleased to announce its partnership with Schoox. 

Integrating Schoox with Indeavor’s workforce management capabilities offers our customers a comprehensive solution for optimizing workforce performance, enhancing employee skills and competencies, and driving organizational success. 

Automate Skills and Competency-Based Scheduling 

Rather than just handling the logistics of scheduling and managing absences, your organization can truly facilitate employee training and development. Indeavor’s integration with Schoox enables businesses to seamlessly align their workforce management strategies with their training initiatives, ensuring that employees are not only scheduled efficiently and correctly, but also equipped with the necessary skills, competencies, and knowledge to excel in their roles. 

Operationalize employee skills, competencies, and certifications within Indeavor, while having employees learn new skills—or refresh current ones—with Schoox. If an employee wants (or needs) to get a specific certification, they can undergo that training with the Schoox mobile app and learn from anywhere. With the combined capabilities of Indeavor and Schoox, you can automatically schedule the best, most qualified employee in minutes. 

Fill in Those Scheduling Gaps 

The more employees you have trained across a wider range of skills and competencies, the more people you have to fill unexpected vacancies. When an absence occurs, schedulers and front-line managers will have a wider pool of cross-trained talent to choose from when backfilling. Schoox provides detailed insights into employees’ skills, competencies, and certifications. Indeavor leverages this information at the point of scheduling and backfill management so that only qualified employees would be considered for specific jobs or roles.  

Drive Productivity and Growth 

This partnership can enable our customers to make more data-driven decisions. Schoox’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into the correlation between training investments and workforce performance. Track learner progress and measure the impact these training programs have on overall business performance. 

By analyzing data from both Indeavor and Schoox, organizations can gain insights into workforce trends, such as peak demand periods, seasonal fluctuations, and training completion rates. Armed with these predictive analytics, businesses can proactively adjust staffing levels and training programs accordingly. It’s now easier than ever to identify areas where additional training may be needed to address skill and competency gaps and enhance versatility among employees.  

Improve Employee Satisfaction 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), over three-quarters (76%) of workers said they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous learning and development. Schoox satisfies this need—especially for deskless employees who are constantly on-site—with on-demand training resources that employees can access anytime, anywhere, allowing them to upskill or refresh their knowledge as needed. 

With the Indeavor Engage mobile app, employees also get unprecedented visibility and flexibility over their schedules and leave requests. Being able to have more control over when they work, whether it’s the ability to volunteer for overtime or swap shifts, will bolster employee satisfaction in turn. 

Better Together: Schoox + Indeavor 

By joining forces, Schoox and Indeavor offer a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates employee training and scheduling, unlocking new possibilities for efficiency, productivity, compliance, and growth. Empower employees to thrive and excel in their roles with Indeavor’s Schoox integration.  

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