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AG5 + Indeavor: Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets for Skills and Scheduling Management 

Ag5 Partnership

With its plug-and-play skills management software, AG5 is transforming how organizations manage employee skills. The platform eliminates the complexity of traditional skills matrices and spreadsheets, instead providing an intuitive, user-friendly way of visualizing skills gaps across your teams. AG5 enhances operational efficiency and compliance across even the most highly regulated industries, such as aerospace manufacturing and food production. 

Indeavor is committed to getting frontline supervisors and schedulers off of paper and other manual, time-intensive, error-prone processes. As such, we’re happy to announce our partnership with AG5. 

Integrating AG5 with Indeavor’s automated workforce management capabilities will provide a central location to not only easily identify skills gaps in your jobs, but also automatically generate a schedule with these constraints in mind. The Indeavor + AG5 partnership enables regulated organizations to leverage employee skills to optimize and automate shift planning effectively. 

Compliance at a Glance 

Immediately understand each worker’s proficiency levels with a visually appealing, always up-to-date skills matrix. AG5 will feed information about an employee’s compliance with these specific tasks or shifts to Indeavor, ensuring that only qualified people are allocated to each job. In return, Indeavor will inform AG5 which employees worked which jobs/assignments, ensuring that AG5’s skills matrices stay compliant and up-to-date with last-date worked information.    

Accurate skills tracking through the use of AG5’s software helps minimize compliance risks. Maintaining and updating skills inventories in real-time ensures that all employees’ qualifications and certifications are current, which is crucial for meeting industry regulations and standards—for example, FDA requirements for food processing plant workers. With AG5 integrated directly into Indeavor, schedulers will automatically prevent situations where unqualified employees might be assigned jobs or assignments they are not certified to perform, thus reducing legal and safety risks for the organization. 

Reduce Manual Data Entry 

Schedulers and shift supervisors no longer need to be responsible for the repetitive task of manually entering updates for certifications, training completions, and other skill-related information. By automating these updates, organizations can ensure that their records are always current and accurate without requiring excessive administrative effort. 

Meanwhile, Indeavor removes tedious manual work from the scheduling process, automating the creation of schedules based on employee skills, availability, and labor demand. Both of these automations not only saves time but also reduces the potential for human error in data handling. 

With Indeavor, AG5 is used every single day, by and for employees—including those running the facilities, ensuring that data stays updated. If an employee loses a qualification or skill, AG5 will “unqualify” that employee and inform Indeavor that an employee can no longer work that position. This information is then shared with the employee and supervisor so that steps can be made to reskill them. That employee can continue working a desired position, all while eliminating the risk of an accident, noncompliance, or the costly reinvestment of retraining. 

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Fill Unexpected Vacancies Worry-Free 

The benefits don’t just get reaped at the point of scheduling. You can also enjoy automated yet compliant processes when changes to the planned schedule occur—unexpected absences, no-shows, an uptick in vacations the next week, the list goes on. 

Quickly identify available and qualified employees to fill in gaps as they arise. This ensures that operations continue smoothly without the disruption that typically accompanies the sudden absence of key personnel, thereby maintaining efficiency and productivity in the workplace. 

Bolster Employee Satisfaction 

When you can see at a glance what qualifications are set to expire, you can not only more accurately anticipate your training needs, but you can also improve employee morale. How? Workers are yearning for learning and development opportunities. According to PwC, 77% of workers claim they’re ready to learn new skills or completely retrain, and 74% regard upskilling as a matter of personal responsibility. When schedulers and supervisors are aware of skills gaps, they can more strategically offer these upskilling and retraining opportunities to those who want them—which seems to be the majority.  

By accurately matching skills with job demands, you create a more fulfilling and productive work environment, reducing turnover and increasing motivation as employees feel their skills are properly utilized and valued. This ensures that employees are neither underutilized nor overwhelmed, contributing to higher job satisfaction and engagement.  

On top of this are the cost-saving benefits of upskilling an employee compared to completely retraining them. Oftentimes, if an employee loses a skill or certification, the cost to “start over” and get them recertified is substantial. When there is continuous education, there is no starting from scratch—only short exams and constant on-the-job training to keep them refreshed. 

Better Together: AG5 + Indeavor 

Together, AG5 and Indeavor offer an end-to-end workforce management solution that will allow highly regulated industries to reduce their reliance on outdated spreadsheets. Unleash the full potential of your workforce with the seamless integration of AG5 and Indeavor, where automation doesn’t mean sacrificing adherence to complex rules. 

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