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Transition Your Online Schedule to Outage Mode With Ease Using Indeavor 

Nuclear Outage Mode Management

In the nuclear power industry, managing a nuclear plant’s two main states – online and outage – is critical to its successful operation. Indeavor is a company that specializes in providing unique workforce management capabilities in the nuclear industry.  We are known for providing fatigue management at the point of scheduling.  But something else that excites our customers is the ability to easily transition from online to outage mode within our scheduling tool.   

One of the main challenges of managing a nuclear plant schedule’s transition from online to outage mode is complying with employee operating conditions. When a plant is in online mode, there are two rules that govern employee operating conditions: the 54-hour rule or the minimum days off (MDO) rule. However, these rules change when the plant is in outage mode. Indeavor’s software solution can manage this transition efficiently, ensuring compliance with the appropriate rules and regulations. 

Legacy systems, on the other hand, have struggled to keep up with the unique demands of the nuclear industry. These systems are often outdated, inflexible, and lack the necessary functionality to manage the transition from online to outage mode. As a result, many companies have had to rely on manual processes and paper-based systems to manage their workforce, resulting in increased downtime and decreased efficiency. 

How Indeavor Benefits The Nuclear Industry

Indeavor’s software solution is designed specifically for the nuclear industry and can seamlessly manage the transition from online to outage mode. The software includes an Attributes tab that can be used to mark employees as online or in outage mode, allowing for effective management of the workforce. If an outage is scheduled for a certain period but is finished early, the software can be used to switch employees back to online mode for the remaining days, recalculating all constraints and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations. 

In addition to these benefits, Indeavor’s software solution also offers advanced scheduling and reporting capabilities that legacy systems simply cannot match. The software can automatically generate shift schedules, assign tasks, and track progress, allowing managers to easily monitor the status of their workforce and make adjustments as needed. 

By using Indeavor’s software solution, nuclear companies can efficiently manage the transition from online to outage mode, comply with rules and regulations more easily, and manage their workforce more effectively. Unlike legacy systems, Indeavor’s solution is designed specifically for the nuclear industry and offers advanced functionality that can significantly improve a plant’s overall efficiency and reduce downtime. Book a demo or give us a call today to learn more.

About the Author 

Dan Scholz is the Energy Sector lead at Indeavor. He’s led numerous initiatives for utility and nuclear power clients related to the application of skilled labor including workforce planning, organizational design, and succession planning.  

Dan’s combined training as an Attorney, MBA, PMP, and Agile SCRUM Master is valuable in tackling the wide variety of business challenges facing the energy sector. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn.

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