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Simplify Your Time Approval Process

A Boss Showing His Employee A Shift Schedule

Signing off on time is probably the backbone of your payroll process.

With the majority of hourly workers living paycheck to paycheck, it’s critical that their paystub reflects not only accurate hours, but different jobs worked—particularly when an employee is switched to a job mid-shift that pays more than their home job.

We’ve discussed the perils of not properly communicating the real-time facility schedule to HR and payroll. After shift swaps, unexpected absences, and unforeseen overtime, you are doing your employees a disservice by relying on outdated paper schedules to distribute payroll.

By digitizing your scheduling approval process, you can simplify the activity while creating an easily auditable report to look back on.

Eliminate Manual Entry (and Error)

According to the IRS, 33% of employers make payroll errors that cost billions of dollars annually. For companies that still use traditional timecards, the American Payroll Association reports payroll error rates of 1-8%. That means that even an error rate as “insignificant” as 2% costs $10,000 in erroneous wages for a company with a $500,000 annual payroll.

By having automated scheduling that allows supervisors to electronically sign off on employees’ time worked, they can submit hours at the click of a button rather than dealing with scattered, illegible paper forms. This in turn mitigates human error. You can even allow for multiple levels of approval to further safeguard the process.

Speaking of safeguarding…

Create Maximum Traceability (and Auditability)

Want to ensure compliance with overtime allowances and any other complex union scheduling rules your facility may have? Of course, you do.

By minimizing human error with automatic, up-to-date employee timesheets, you can mitigate the risk of the hefty fines associated with payroll errors.

Centralized approvals allow you to easily integrate with your existing payroll system to exchange data effortlessly. You will no longer rely on information that needs to be re-entered (with each keystroke increasing your risk of making a mistake). This can help you ensure that employees get paid for the proper amount of time and/or position worked, including cases of overtime or vacancy filling that paper and Excel may not be accurately capturing!

Having all this complex employee data centralized means that payroll gets the most accurate, up-to-date information when they need it, without any barriers.

If there is ever a case where you need to do some digging on who signed off on (or made edits to) a particular employee’s hours, you can remove any awkwardness of “asking around” and instead hop into the employee scheduling platform. All this information is transparent.

The Indeavor Solution

With a centralized system of record for approvals, you can provide organization-wide access to the shift reports that payroll relies on. It’s time to move on from separate processes that require re-entering information and instead focus on leveraging data that automatically saves for future use.

Our new Approval Tool provides all of the above. Click here to request a demo.

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