Indeavor Helps CPG Manufacturers Better Handle Disruption

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News Alert: Latest Labor Optimization Solution by Indeavor Helps CPG Manufacturers Keep Up With Demand

2020’s stay-at-home economy caused abrupt changes in consumer preferences. Panicked buyers hoarded supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products, while shelf-stable canned goods and snack foods reigned supreme among food purchases. Currently, online CPG food and beverage sales are booming, forecasted to top $100 billion this year.

There were shortages, there were volatile fluxes in demand, and there was one thing made absolutely clear: CPG manufacturing is among the most vital industries across the globe.

Our grocery store shelves consistently look more stocked than they did back in the early stages of the pandemic, and that is thanks to the increased efforts CPG manufacturers put in place to meet harrowing production goals. Now, it is time to ensure the longevity of these practices and give employees the tools to address these modern problems in a modern way—proactively.

Considering the industry relies on its employees to keep up with production demands, enterprises should be ensuring employee processes are stable and efficient. Replacing paper scheduling and absence management processes with an automated system can achieve this.

  • Automate and optimize labor e.g., ensuring lines are always staffed correctly and production can always take place while swiftly adapting to demand changes
  • Maintain compliance e.g., assigning qualified employees to each job
  • Provide visibility e.g., making contact tracing easier by identifying those who have come into contact with a sick employee
  • Encourage employee interactivity e.g., giving employees the tools to volunteer for vacancies/overtime or swap shifts and assignment

Indeavor is excited to announce an enhanced version of our workforce management-labor scheduling optimization solution specifically designed to help CPG manufacturers schedule at scale. You can read our press release here.

Control Production Bottlenecks While Keeping Employees Safe

We are working with Fortune 500 companies in the CPG space to support their global operations and optimize their most important asset: their employees. Are you a CPG manufacturer who is looking to automate or otherwise improve their manual processes?

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Indeavor’s solution offers clients an end-to-end, cloud-based employee scheduling and absence management system. By integrating with your human capital management and enterprise resource planning systems, you can leverage a robust platform that provides you with real-time employee data. Relieve your supervisors of manual tasks and the constant mental fatigue brought upon by scheduling changes by automating the entire process, connecting the data to all of your existing corporate systems, and ensuring you always have the right qualified employee in each position.

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