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Indeavor Significantly Improves Workforce Planning for Enterprises with New Labor Demand Planning Solution


ERP integration eliminates the need for manual labor planning, improving productivity and efficient use of the workforce at scale

Indeavor, an industry leader in People Operations & Workforce Management, announced the launch of its Labor Demand Planning software, which enables large enterprises with a 24-hour shift-driven workforce to integrate their ERP and Workforce Management systems at a global scale.

This is a first-of-its-kind solution that has the ability to address very complex labor and demand planning situations at scale. By reducing the time spent by demand planners in the system and eliminating the need for manual demands through automation, Indeavor’s Labor Demand Planning solution directly aligns organizations’ ERP systems, leaving no room for human error, and improving labor alignment for the production scheduled to the labor that is required.

One of the key features of Indeavor’s new solution is its integration with ERP systems. The ability for ERP systems to send raw data directly to Indeavor, and for Indeavor’s functionality to translate that information into the correct labor requirements significantly improves the end-to-end operational experience.

“We’re thrilled to bring our Labor Demand Planning solution to organizations with complex production planning processes who need real-time workforce alignment and communication,” said Brandon Schwarz, CEO of Indeavor. “This is a solution that has been researched and built over years of first-hand experience and partnership with our customer base and allows these same organizations to seamlessly address complex labor and demand planning situations at scale. By integrating workforce management with ERP systems, we can significantly reduce the need for manual labor planning, improve productivity and create a delightful user experience for our partners and customers.”

The Labor Demand Planning software is part of Indeavor’s comprehensive suite of workforce management software solutions, designed to help organizations streamline their operations and optimize their workforce. The software is currently being leveraged by enterprise customers and will be generally available starting May 23, 2023.

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