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Increase Employee Satisfaction with Job Bidding

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Your employees are quitting because they’re bored.

According to a recent Korn Ferry survey, one-third (33%) of respondents selected “I’m bored, need new challenge” as their motivation for leaving, beating out higher pay (19%) as their inspiration to find something new.

Complex scheduling environments rely heavily on the organization’s ability to retain its knowledgeable workforce. How confident are you that you’re keeping your employees engaged and challenged enough to stay?

Our Job Bidding module can help. Here’s how.

Match Role with Employee Strengths

According to Gallup, 51% of American workers are actively looking for a different job or watching for openings right now. The study went on to explain that “[w]hen employees are a mismatch for their role and organization, they often struggle to succeed or become bored and restless.” Workers want roles that allow them to make the most of their strengths, and job bidding can help the organization match this expectation.

Job Bidding is a feature within the Employee Self-Service portion of our automated employee scheduling software. It allows employees to pick different options for what their future base schedules would like—even up to an entire year. By digitizing job bidding, employees select and prioritize their preferences in a centralized platform. This makes it easier for the shift schedulers because it minimizes human error during placement; now, making employee schedules based on actual preferences is as easy as clicking a button.

By satisfying your employees’ taste for options and flexibility in their job function, they won’t feel stuck working in the same position. Imagine how much more interested someone working full-time at your organization would be when they learn that every quarter, they will have the opportunity to try out another position.

They feel empowered while shift managers can see the entirety of their skillset to assess where they could be best-fit long-term.

Improve Employee Work/Life Balance

Another benefit of job bidding is that it allows for changes in shift hours and days—positions don’t need to be static, so why should their work schedule be?

For example, let’s say you have an employee who has been working the night shift for the past two years, but would rather work 8 am-4 pm so that they can be home in time for family dinner. With a digitized job bidding platform, that employee can make their preferences known before the next round of base schedule changes without the added discomfort they may feel asking management directly for a change. Bidding can begin based on seniority, hourly wage, or whatever other factor makes the most sense for your organization to give qualified employees a chance at a new shift time.

The position can impact an employee’s happiness on the job equally as much as a change of pace in days and hours. Let’s say an employee is taking extended leave. By allowing others (who are qualified) to bid on their shift and job, the employee that gets it can use this opportunity as a “trial run” to see if that is a position they may want long term if it were to become available.

At the end of the day, employees want choice and flexibility. They also want to stop dealing with the monotony.

The Indeavor Solution

With our Job Bidding module, you can increase employee satisfaction while streamlining your scheduling process by having employees choose their preferences.

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