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With increased visibility into employee availability and preferences, our automated scheduling software creates efficiencies and reduces errors in your workforce management system. Leverage your labor staffing standards, automate schedule generation, and efficiently handle call ins and last-minute changes—without having to overhaul your existing systems.


Roster Management

  • Easily adjust schedule to match staffing needs

  • Quickly generate the schedule based on pre-assigned rules

  • Immediately show your organization’s most critical information via a customizable interface

Labor Demand / Coverage

  • Schedule employees based on industry labor requirements and standards

  • Ensure positions are never understaffed, or oversubscribed

  • Configure both repeatable and one-off staffing scenarios

Qualification / Skills Management

  • Assign only qualified workers to each position

  • Search and identify employees based on skills certification

  • Track qualifications automatically to receive renewal notifications based on expiration or date last worked

Smart Backfill™

  • Fill a schedule vacancy in minutes with Workloud’s Smart Backfill™ tool

  • Easily call, text, or email qualified employees to meet any vacancy based on pre-set compliance rules

  • Auto-log each action for traceability and auditing

Automated Schedule Generation

  • Create a schedule in minutes that is accurate, consistent, eliminates user error, and follows operational rules

  • Ensure schedule fairness by incorporating basic and complex rules such as seniority, upgrading, bumping, accommodation, etc.


  • Avoid fines and grievances

  • Adhere to compliance rules and best practices

  • Proactively prevent workplace accidents due to fatigue