How Indeavor Helps Industrial Environments Adhere to Union Contracts

How Indeavor Helps Industrial Environments Adhere to Union Contracts

In industrial environments, maintaining labor peace and adhering to union contracts is paramount. Union grievances can disrupt operations, strain relationships, and result in costly penalties. Indeavor offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges through its robust compliance features.

Here’s why union contract compliance must be embedded into your scheduling and overtime distribution processes.

Breaches are Costly

The penalties for breaching a union contract can vary significantly based on the severity of the breach and the terms outlined in the contract. Generally, the consequences include:

  • Financial Penalties: These can include compensatory damages to cover any financial losses incurred by the employees or the union due to the breach, as well as punitive damages in more severe cases​.
  • Specific Performance: In some instances, instead of or in addition to financial penalties, the employer may be required to perform specific actions to rectify the breach. This can involve reinstating employees to their original positions or making up for missed wages or overtime hours.
  • Legal and Administrative Costs: Breaching a union contract can also lead to legal action, resulting in additional costs for legal fees and court expenses. Furthermore, the administrative burden of resolving disputes and renegotiating contract terms can be substantial​.

One of the largest financial penalties for breaching a union contract involved a case with the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS was found to have violated the terms of its collective bargaining agreement regarding holiday and overtime scheduling. The arbitration ruling required USPS to pay substantial financial penalties to affected employees. FEDWeek found that over the period from 2015 to 2021, USPS incurred approximately $337 million in grievance costs related to overtime grievances filed by employees. 

In one significant case, the arbitration ruling required USPS to prioritize scheduling employees on the Overtime Desired List (OTDL) for overtime work over casual employees. This ruling addressed the misuse of casual employees for overtime work, which violated the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. According to the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), USPS was required to prioritize scheduling OTDL employees for overtime work before utilizing casual employees—even if it meant paying penalty overtime rates.

End-to-End Union Compliance

We’ve highlighted the significant financial impact of not adhering to union contract terms. Now, let’s dive into how Indeavor’s risk management solution helps you stay compliant to complex union rules at the point of scheduling—for both your pre-planned standard schedule to your real-time actuals (e.g., call out replacements, shift swaps, overtime volunteering, etc.).

Maintain Labor Peace

Indeavor ensures that your scheduling processes align with union contract terms, helping maintain labor peace. By automating compliance with union agreements, Indeavor minimizes the risk of grievances and disputes, creating a harmonious work environment where employees feel their rights are respected and upheld. This proactive approach to compliance reduces disruptions, fostering a stable and cooperative atmosphere that supports continuous operations and productivity.

Strengthen Union Relationships

Building and maintaining positive relationships with union representatives is crucial for smooth operations in industrial environments. Indeavor’s scheduling software demonstrates a commitment to fair and transparent scheduling practices. By ensuring that all scheduling decisions comply with union contracts, Indeavor helps strengthen trust between management and union representatives. This mutual trust is essential for effective communication, collaboration, and long-term partnership, contributing to a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

Mitigate Financial Risks

Union contract breaches can lead to significant financial penalties, but Indeavor mitigates these risks through its comprehensive compliance features. By automating adherence to union rules, Indeavor reduces the likelihood of costly violations. Real-time alerts and automated constraints ensure that all scheduling decisions meet the necessary compliance standards, protecting your organization from the financial repercussions of non-compliance, including fines, legal fees, and compensation payments.

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Streamline Grievance Resolution

Inefficient grievance resolution can be a major administrative burden, but Indeavor simplifies this process with its clear audit trails and documented scheduling practices. When grievances do arise, Indeavor provides detailed records that facilitate quick and efficient resolution. This transparency not only speeds up the grievance process but also provides evidence that your organization is committed to fair treatment and compliance with union agreements. This enhances overall trust and reduces the frequency of grievances.

Empower Your Team

Indeavor’s user-friendly platform empowers your scheduling team to manage union rule compliance confidently. With Indeavor’s mobile engagement solution, Indeavor Engage, your team can access and manage schedules on the go, ensuring flexibility and real-time updates. This allows employees to view their schedules, request changes, and volunteer for overtime directly from their devices, promoting transparency and reducing scheduling conflicts—all while adhering to the constraints of their contracts. For example, if an employee is not currently eligible for overtime, they will not be able to volunteer for it; this allows only those that have overtime guarantees in their union contracts to get a first pass at volunteering. 

By providing tools designed for easy use and mobile accessibility, Indeavor enables your team to handle scheduling tasks efficiently and accurately, ensuring that all processes adhere to union contracts. This empowerment leads to a more proactive approach to managing workforce needs, contributing to smoother operations and a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Manual compliance checks and record-keeping are time-consuming and prone to error. Indeavor reduces this administrative burden by automating routine compliance tasks. With Indeavor, your team can focus on strategic initiatives rather than being bogged down by the complexities of union contract compliance. This automation not only saves time but also ensures higher accuracy in compliance management, allowing your organization to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Don’t Risk a Grievance: Choose Indeavor

It can be frustrating to feel like you’re managing both production and compliance simultaneously. Indeavor automates scheduling and ensures adherence to regulations, union contracts, and work rules. Our proactive risk management engine silently enforces union regulations in real-time, preventing problems before they arise, so you can focus on optimizing production and achieving your business goals with confidence.

An Indeavor client saved millions annually by reducing union grievances by 100% through improved scheduling transparency. Want to protect your company’s bottom line? Indeavor’s comprehensive workforce management solution minimizes the risk of financial penalties associated with union contract violations.

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