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Enterprise Technology

ERP, HCM, T&A, MES – what do all of these acronyms have in common? They are all mission-critical systems that enable enterprise organizations to run their businesses. These systems serve as a “price of admission” to running efficient and transparent multi-national operations.  

Other prevalent commonalities exist as outcomes of these same, valuable systems. Common challenges within enterprise technology include: 

  1. System Silos: Siloed functionality and data structures 
  1. People Focus: Little to no connection to personas in the factory operating environment, including Operations Managers, Front-Line Leaders and Operators or Technicians 
  1. Horizontal Focus: Primarily served through Horizontal platforms, focused on a broad array of functionality across vast industries, segments or verticals. 

Despite these inefficiencies, the operating environment is resilient, and circumvents these issues by administering: 

  1. Additional people to manage and consolidate disparate data sources 
  1. Spreadsheets to translate the data to real-time information, consumable by operations personnel 
  1. Direct, personal engagement at all levels of the factory operating environment to communicate dynamic production needs 

The most prevalent, industry-accepted tech stacks serving the industrial enterprise has long-underserved the largest subset of employees within an organization.  

The result?  

  • Increased cost 
  • A widening skills gap 
  • Costly attrition 
  • Lack of visibility to site/department level metrics, 
  • Reduced flexibility 
  • An over-burdened factory workforce 

How can operating environments harness the power of critical enterprise systems, while providing purpose-built solutions specific to their factory personnel? Let’s take a deeper dive into the problem, propose a solution and evaluate possible outcomes to serve the industrial enterprise’s critical challenges. 

The Problem 

Technology in the industrial environments is primarily serving enterprise needs or hard industrial assets. Due to this, people within factory environments are underserved – resulting in manual consolidation of siloed data, mental fatigue and lack of transparency/flexibility/autonomy expected by today’s workforce. 


Leverage the power of an industry-specific People Operations Platform to Plan, Schedule, Manage and Engage your workforce. Harness and optimize the power of existing systems/data sources – purpose-built to focus on Industry specific workflows, including: 

  • Demand management and labor standard alignment 
  • Alignment of personnel, incorporating skills, to demand requirements 
  • Inclusion of management rules, including union and compliance requirements 
  • Flexibility and engagement of the workforce through mobile and table
03 Schedule A Live Demo Of The Workforce 1


A People Operations Platform quickly becomes the first pure cross-persona tool leveraged to drive operations and profitability. Each level of the organization receives integrated value: 

  • Factory Manager: visibility of differentiated labor/cost analytics  
  • Department Leadership and Administrators: Proactive planning platform and departmental metric visibility 
  • Front Line Leaders: Rule-driven tools to enable complex, real-time decision-making  
  • Operators and Technicians: Flexibility and autonomy towards schedule and work requirements

To learn more about Indeavor’s Industry-leading People Operations Platform and to arrange a complimentary consultation click here to request a demo.

About the Author 

Bradley Jones leverages his Manufacturing Technology and Operations background to serve the Global Indeavor consumer base. To learn more or get in touch, connect with Brad on LinkedIn

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