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Bridge the Skills Gap with Automated Scheduling

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Are worker shortages and their subsequent skills gaps keeping you up at night?

It seems to be that regardless of industry, you are not alone.

Manufacturers received some less-than-stellar news from the 2018 Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute study: the skills gap may leave an estimated 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028. What’s more the positions relating to digital talent, skilled production, and operational management may be three times as difficult to fill in the next three years.

Meanwhile, federal employees are continuing to retire in greater numbers than ever before; over the course of fiscal 2018, retirements were up 24% from the previous year. With the Government Accountability Office reporting skills gaps in key areas like cybersecurity, acquisitions, and STEM in the federal workforce, this retirement wave is only compounding the problem.

If you’re in HR, you’re probably busy scrambling to attract new talent. And people-facing Operations roles—schedulers, demand planners, supervisors, plant/facility managers—are dealing with a uniquely related problem of their own: strategizing how to leverage the employees they do have.

The good news is automated scheduling can help solve problems for HR and Operations alike. Here’s how.

HR: Ensure Compliance

Besides hiring new employees, you are busy overseeing your current workforce to ensure that your organization is following complex operational rules—along with union, local, state, federal, and fatigue laws.

Without an automated, centralized workforce management solution in place, tracking qualifications to ensure that your employees are allowed to do the work they were scheduled for can get complicated. However, with an automated employee scheduling tool, HR becomes equipped with an integrated qualification management system. Now all that complex compliance coverage gets automated while your current labor pool is strategically placed in the most optimal positions, based on their certifications and availability.

HR can go one step further and leverage automated scheduling as a recruiting tool. What potential employee wouldn’t want to see their schedule in advance or easily request vacation? Considering that Gen Z is entering the workforce this year—and that 61% of them don’t like speaking on the phone because they prefer to handle their tasks online rather than in person or by phone—cloud-based, mobile-friendly Employee Self-Service solutions are going to give you a leg up above the competition.

Operations: Fill Gaps in Productivity

When strategizing how to leverage your current labor pool, meeting production demand without spending too much money on overtime or hiring more temp workers is difficult enough. Add the criteria of making sure you have the best, most qualified workers doing the job, and creating weekly schedules can take you anywhere from one full business day to an entire week.

With automation, you can consistently match your current labor pool with demand.

You can create a schedule in minutes that is accurate, consistent, eliminates user error, and follows operational rules. What’s more, you will ensure schedule fairness by incorporating rules such as seniority-based or first-come, first-served practices for requesting vacations and overtime.

The Indeavor Solution

Let us help you bridge the skills gap with our automated scheduling and leave management solution!

Indeavor is our workforce management SaaS solution which offers clients an end-to-end, cloud-based employee scheduling, time & attendance, and absence management system. We integrate with your human capital management and enterprise resource planning systems to create a robust platform that provides you with real-time employee data.

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