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The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Now, the United States is preparing for The Great Return, following the age of The Great Resignation and many supply chain issues caused over the past two years. Record numbers of employees left their jobs, and many companies are wondering why as they build new systems and hiring practices for the return of qualified candidates to the workforce. 

The reality is that many employees are simply looking for a bit more transparency. They want to know when they will work, what their responsibilities are, and when they can expect to be paid. If employees have more security, they will be more likely to stick around, providing companies with the manpower they need. Companies that find a way to retain their employees will place themselves one step ahead of their competitors. So, why did employees leave and how can companies convince them to stick around? 

Why Are Employees Leaving? 

Recently, a survey indicated that close to 95 percent of workers are changing their jobs. Yes, the pandemic has caused some people to realign their priorities, with many people concerned about childcare and health issues. Furthermore, companies should continue to pay their employees a competitive wage if they want them to stay. Those in the logistics and supply chain industries can retain happy people with collaborative communications. 

A recent survey indicated that there are several important factors that contribute to employee satisfaction. They include schedule empowerment, better communication, and early access to funds. In addition, the majority of people in the survey indicated that scheduling issues could contribute to them quitting their jobs. Close to 40 percent of people also indicated that they might leave the job if the boss was a poor communicator. Close to 75 percent of employees would like the option to access their paycheck early if they have an emergency expense, such as a medical bill or a repair bill. 

These are important insights that can help companies create a better experience for their employees. If employees have more control and transparency, they will feel a greater sense of security. This can give them the impetus they need to stick around. 

Automation Can Help Address These Concerns 

Even though supply chain issues have contributed to issues in the logistics industry, digital upgrades to paper processes can address a lot of these problems. How might this be the case, and how can leaders leverage automation to help them attract and retain their most talented employees? 

There are several ways automation can help companies address many of the concerns above. They include: 

Optimize Scheduling Concerns 

In the past, employee scheduling followed a consistent process. Management would simply schedule employees to work during business hours, and everything would be fine; however, because of the pandemic, schedules have become more unpredictable than ever. Employees may have to leave early due to unexpected school closures, and they may have to tend to loved ones who are sick. 

With an automated scheduling system, it is possible for companies to give employees the power to handle their own schedules. Managers can set parameters to make sure there are enough people with the right skills to work each shift. Then, employees can work among themselves to figure out who should work what shift via absence management and shift-swapping capabilities.  

Request Pay Advances 

Employees may also request the option to request pay advances for emergencies. Some companies pay their employees every other Friday. Other companies pay employees twice during the month. Does it truly matter which day employees get paid? 

Using intelligent workforce management solutions, employees might be able to request advances on their paychecks. Or in the attempt to make more money, faster, they can volunteer to work extra shifts through a mobile scheduling app like Indeavor’s shift scheduling solution. That way, they have the money they need to cover unexpected expenses. This can also show employees that their company truly cares about them, helping to foster employee loyalty. 

Streamline Communication 

Companies can also use digital tools to streamline communication. Employees should have a reliable portal they can use to instantly communicate with their colleagues and their managers. With access to an application, it is possible for employees to ask questions, get them answered, and move on as quickly as possible. If companies develop a system to streamline communication, they will find that their employees are much happier. 

If you are looking for a workforce management software program that can help with many of these issues, including workforce scheduling, then you should contact Indeavor’s sales team today for a demo.

Increase Employee Engagement with Indeavor

It is hard to find good help these days, and you need your most talented employees to stick around. This means giving them more control of their schedules using automated workforce management software such as the mobile scheduling app from om Indeavor. Using this intuitive mobile app, you can: 

  • Give your employees more control over how much they work and when they work without disrupting your workflow 
  • Remove tasks from your managers, freeing them up to handle more important issues 

  • Streamline the entire scheduling process by removing staffing issues, eliminating unnecessary paperwork, scheduling workers for the right shifts, and removing scheduling gaps 
  • Keep your employees happy by preventing their requests from getting lost or buried 

This is an automated system that can save you time and money while keeping your employees happy. Furthermore, it is a mobile app that your employees can use on the go. Take advantage of the mobile scheduling app from Indeavor, and increase your employee engagement! 

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