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Workloud is our workforce management SaaS solution which offers clients an end-to-end, cloud-based employee scheduling, time & attendance, and absence management system. Workloud integrates with your human capital management and enterprise resource planning systems to create a robust platform that leverages our best in class workforce management capabilities and vice versa.


Improve Efficiency

Reduce Expenses

Employee Engagement



Your business runs better when your employees are engaged. Workloud increases transparency in your organization, creating a more connected, empowered, and productive workforce.

Workloud allows users to seamlessly import and export important data including schedules, employee information, leave balances, labor demands, and more.











Roster Management

  • Easily adjust schedule to match staffing needs

  • Quickly generate the schedule based on pre-assigned rules

  • Immediately show your organization’s most critical information via a customizable interface

Labor Demand / Coverage

  • Schedule employees based on industry labor requirements and standards

  • Ensure positions are never understaffed, or oversubscribed

  • Configure both repeatable and one-off staffing scenarios

Qualification / Skills Management

  • Assign only qualified workers to each position

  • Search and identify employees based on skills certification

  • Track qualifications automatically to receive renewal notifications based on expiration or date last worked

Smart Backfill™

  • Fill a schedule vacancy in minutes with Workloud’s Smart Backfill™ tool

  • Easily call, text, or email qualified employees to meet any vacancy based on pre-set compliance rules

  • Auto-log each action for traceability and auditing

Automated Schedule Generation

  • Create a schedule in minutes that is accurate, consistent, eliminates user error, and follows operational rules

  • Ensure schedule fairness by incorporating basic and complex rules such as seniority, upgrading, bumping, accommodation, etc.


  • Avoid fines and grievances

  • Adhere to compliance rules and best practices

  • Proactively prevent workplace accidents due to fatigue



Leave Balances

  • Manage employees’ balances for leaves

  • Easily track employee vacation, sick days, PTO, and more

Accrual Rules

  • Set up system based on fixed intervals/periods, earnings, or seniority to track carryover time

  • Create rules based on your unique HR policies

Leave Request / Approval

  • Allow employees to request leave via employee self-service (ESS)

  • Make it easy for managers/supervisors to approve or deny leave requests through real-time notifications

Quota Rules

  • Input company restrictions to prevent unnecessary overtime or time off



Time Collection

  • Collect employee time/hours with a variety of tools

  • Leverage time clock punches, employee self-service recording of hours/time worked (mobile and desktop), schedules, and more

Exception Management

  • Identify inconsistencies and alert supervisors immediately

  • Allow management to easily track and acknowledge exceptions with employees

  • Equip supervisors with real-time knowledge of late in or early out punches, unexcused absences, missing punches, and other exceptions

Time Approval & Time Off

  • Easily approve time at the end of a shift with bulk actions

  • Identify discrepancies early before time sheet is sent to payroll

  • Automatically adhere to company sign off rules and complete this process quickly and accurately

Payroll Export / Integration

  • Send data easily to payroll through Workloud’s tailored API

  • Submit employee time sheets to payroll in just one click

Robust and Configurable Pay Rules

  • Set up tailored pay rules easily and transparently

  • Track rules automatically, including but not limited to: exception, rounding, shift differential, holiday pay, attendance violation, break, deduction, lunch, and overtime


  • Set up and track attendance policies automatically

  • Automate the assignment of points to employees for infractions (i.e. unexcused absences) and alert supervisors if an employee has crossed a predetermined threshold of points



Employee Self-Service

  • Increase scheduling transparency

  • View schedules, request time off, volunteer for shifts (straight-time and overtime), swap assignments, attest hours, and view timesheets and fellow employees’ schedules—all through Workloud’s mobile platform

Annual Vacation Planning

  • Systematize vacation planning and make employee leave balances transparent

  • Enable employees to select the upcoming year’s vacation and let the platform create the schedule

Manage Work / Life Balance

  • Provide employees the freedom to interact with their schedules from anywhere with the mobile app

  • Improve process efficiencies and employee satisfaction by giving employees the tools to control when they want to volunteer, swap assignments, or request time off

  • Give your employees peace of mind with real-time updates to their schedule when leave is approved