Time Collection

  • Collect employee time/hours with a variety of tools
  • Options include time clock punches, employee self-service recording of hours/time worked (mobile anddesktop), schedules, and more

Exception Management

  • Workloud helps manage by exception – identifying inconsistencies and alerting supervisors immediately
  • Allow management to easily track and acknowledge exceptions with employees
  • Alert supervisors of late in or early out punches, unexcused absences, missing punches, and other exceptions

Time Approval & Time Of

  • Easily approve time at the end of a shift with bulk actions
  • Identify discrepancies early before time sheet is sent to payroll
  • Automatically adhere to company sign off rules and complete this process quickly and accurately

Payroll Export / Integration

  • Easily send data to payroll through Workloud’s tailored API
  • Submitting employee time sheets to payroll takes just one click

Robust and Configurable Pay Rules

  • Set up tailored pay rules easily and transparently
  • Track exception rules, rounding rules, shift differential rules,holiday pay rules, attendance violation rules, break rules,deduction rules, lunch rules, overtime rules, and others automatically in the software 


  • Set up and track attendance policies automatically
  • Automate the assignment of points to employees for infractions (i.e. unexcused absences) and alert supervisors if an employee has crossed a predetermined threshold of points