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Design a comprehensive workforce management solution and enterprise-wide integration strategy.
  • Comprehensive solution for employee scheduling, leave management, and time attendance across the organization.
  • Enable real-time system communication across platforms - making sure everyone has the correct WFM data available.
  • Capture complex employee and compliance rules.
  • Provide management real-time analytics to streamline labor deployment.
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After a customer enterprise solution has been designed and agreed upon, the Indeavor team specializes in making this design and solution a reality for our customers in accordance with a well-defined timeline the business depends on.
  • Full management of system configuration, set-up/ development, and end user training. All deployed in a defined period.
  • Leverage the solution to deliver process change throughout the organization.
  • Allow data to be easily retrieved and streamlined, uncovering ROI in unexpected places.
  • We ensure the final solution is effective and tailored to your business needs.
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Now that our customer has a workforce management solution which accomplishes all of their corporate and site goals, how do they ensure the solution stays relevant in their organization for a long-time to come? It’s as important as the design and implementation and an area where we are industry leaders.
  • Solution Support Tier offering gives customers direct access to experts with deep knowledge of your solution and organizational needs.
  • Ensure solutions/systems stay relevant and generate ever-increasing ROI by keeping end-users informed, data fresh, and optimizing solution elements along the way.
  • Standard Business Hours to 24x7 Support - dependent on a customer’s needs.
  • Significantly lower ongoing internal support and change management costs.