Workloud’s mobile solution promotes visibility and transparency across one or all of your facilities. It’s everything your employees need to be more engaged, and it’s everything you want to effectively communicate with your workforce.


Employee Self-Service

  • Increase scheduling transparency

  • View schedules, request time off, volunteer for shifts (straight-time and overtime), swap assignments, attest hours, and view timesheets and fellow employees’ schedules—all through Workloud’s mobile platform

Annual Vacation Planning

  • Systematize vacation planning and make employee leave balances transparent

  • Enable employees to select the upcoming year’s vacation and let the platform create the schedule

Manage Work / Life Balance

  • Provide employees the freedom to interact with their schedules from anywhere with the mobile app

  • Improve process efficiencies and employee satisfaction by giving employees the tools to control when they want to volunteer, swap assignments, or request time off

  • Give your employees peace of mind with real-time updates to their schedule when leave is approved