Madison, Wisc. — Indeavor announced today the launch of critical labor insights focused on workforce optimization within its automated shift scheduling solution, Indeavor Schedule.

Indeavor Labor Alignment Analytics provides management and leadership insights into how well-staffed their organization is compared to their operational needs. This functionality helps to reduce overstaffing costs and solve labor needs if there is a labor shortage. Production needs often change requiring last-minute demand changes. Labor Alignment provides enterprise transparency into unplanned production demand occurrences, such as how frequently these changes take place and how effectively the business is able to reactively staff to the changes. With drill-down capabilities, Labor Alignment Analytics provides a level of visibility into scheduling accuracy and efficiency down to the job, location, and shift level. This KPI will forever change how companies measure the success of their scheduling processes.

“We are incredibly excited because this application functionality and data is the future of workforce scheduling optimization,” said Brandon Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer at Indeavor. “This effort to create advanced labor analytics for enterprises and successfully bring them to the market has been a huge partnership between our team and many of our customer’s workforce experts.  Manufacturers, Energy Providers, Government Entities and more can now make better macro workforce decisions to plan labor to demands for right-size staffing, eliminating wasted overtime costs, and understaffing burnout.”

Workforce planning and optimization are critical components for the factory of the future. With labor analytics reporting and forecasting, key stakeholders are now able to check the heartbeat of operations, including:

  • Analytics showing adherence and alignment
  • Cost variables like unplanned and planned labor with labor shortage and excess details
  • Centralized and connected data within one view
  • Results of current schedule practices and areas to improve
Indeavor Schedule


Indeavor offers clients an end-to-end, cloud-based shift scheduling and absence management solution. By integrating with human capital management and enterprise resource planning systems, clients access a robust platform that provides them with real-time employee data for ultimate workforce optimization. Relieve supervisors of manual tasks and the constant mental fatigue caused by scheduling changes with automation, connecting the data to all your existing corporate systems, and ensuring you always have the right qualified person in each position.